Thursday, 16 December 2010

The DCAU Ranked - Part 7: "Justice League"

25. War World
By Stan Berkowitz
The most boring and pointless hour of the DCAU; it features Mongol and Superman and some massive plot holes.

24. Metamorphosis
By Len Uhley
The introduction of Metamorpho, a character famous for being boring.

23. In Blackest Night
By Stan Berkowitz
Green Lantern is put on trial by the Manhunters who are themselves being judged by the plot hole police.

22. Fury
By Stan Berkowitz
All the males start to die; the females prove they can't carry the show alone.

21. Hearts and Minds
By Keith Damron
Despero tries to conquer the universe. He fails.

20. Only a Dream
By Stan Berkowitz
Dr. Destiny turns up.

19. Eclipsed
By Joseph Kuhr
An eclipse threatens the world.

18. The Brave and the Bold
By Dwayne McDuffie
Flash and Green Lantern team-up to fight Gorilla Grodd.

17. Paradise Lost
By Joseph Kuhr
The League head to Paradise Island to save it from the resurrection of Hades.

16. A Knight of Shadows
By Keith Damron
The League team up with Jason Blood and Etrigan.

15. Maid of Honor
By Dwayne McDuffie
Wonder Woman becomes friends with the Princess of Kasnia who's engaged to Vandal Savage.

14. Legends
By Andrew Kreisberg
The League are transported to an alternate world where comic book characters are real.

13. The Enemy Below
By Kevin Hopps
Aquaman teams with the League to help uncover a traitor in Atlantis.

12. The Terror Beyond
By Dwayne McDuffie
Doctor Fate and Aquaman aid Solomon Grundy.

11. Secret Society
By Stan Berkowitz
Gorilla Grodd forms a Secret Society of Super Villains.

10. Comfort and Joy
By Paul Dini
The Justice League Christmas special.

9. Secret Origins
By Rich Fogel
The Justice League come together for the first time.

8. Injustice for All
By Stan Berkowitz
Lex Luthor forms the Injustice Gang and Joker pops up.

7. Tabula Rasa
By Stan Berkowitz
Lex Luthor manipulates Amazo.

6. A Better World
By Stan Berkowitz
The League encounter evil doppelgangers from a world where Flash was killed by Lex Luthor.

5. Twilight
By Rich Fogel and Bruce Timm
Superman helps Darkseid battle Brainiac before their final stand-off.

4. Wild Cards
By Stan Berkowitz and Dwayne McDuffie
The Joker plants bombs across Las Vegas and initiates a live broadcast of the League's search for them.

3. The Savage Time
By Stan Berkowitz
Vandal Savage uses time travel to make himself dictator of Earth.

2. Hereafter
By Dwayne McDuffie
Superman is apparently killed and the League mourns; meanwhile, Supes actually arrives in a dark future where the only living human is Vandal Savage.

1. Starcrossed
By Rich Fogel and Dwayne McDuffie
Hawkgirl is revealed to be a traitor when the Thanagarians invade Earth.

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