Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The DCAU Ranked - Part 3: "The New Batman Adventures"

25. Critters
By Steve Gerber and Joe R. Lansdale
Batman fights a farmer. Yeah, you read that right. A farmer!

24. Mean Seasons
By Hilary Bader
Batman and Batgirl battle Calendar Man...I mean, Calendar Girl...unnecessary change, there.

23. Cult of the Cat
By Paul Dini and Stan Berkowitz
Batman tries to save Catwoman from a cat worshipping cult headed by the guy who is Catman in the comics.

22. Love is a Croc
By Steve Gerber
Baby-Doll falls in love with Killer Croc, and creepiness ensues.

21. Animal Act
By Hilary Bader
Mad Hatter uses mind control on the animals from Nightwing's old circus.

20. Torch Song
By Rich Fogel
A singer's psycho ex boyfriend turns into Firefly and tries to murder her.

19. The Ultimate Thrill
By Dan Riba
Batman battles a thrillseeker named Roxy Rocket; who has an orgasm near the end. Yeah, she does. In a kid's cartoon.

18. Joker's Millions
By Paul Dini
Joker inherits millions from a dead rival, only to discover it's all counterfeit.

17. Holiday Knights
By Paul Dini
A Christmas special featuring: Batgirl fighting Clayface, Bruce Wayne being kidnapped by Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and Batman and Robin face off against the Joker.

16. Judgment Day
By Rich Fogel and Alan Burnett
In the final episode, a mysterious vigilante named the Judge targets criminals in Gotham, and turns out to be Two-Face's third split personality.

15. Girls' Night Out
By Hilary Bader
Batgirl and Supergirl team-up to take on Livewire, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

14. Mystery of the Batwoman (Movie)
By Alan Burnett and Michael Reaves
Batman and Robin investigate a mysterious vigilante called Batwoman who turns out to be three women, each with a score to settle against the criminals they target.

13. You Scratch My Back
By Hilary Bader
Nightwing and Catwoman team up and sexual tension oozes.

12. The Demon Within
By Rusti Bjornhoel and Stan Berkowitz
Batman and Robin team with Jason Blood when Klarion the Witch-Boy takes control of Etrigan the Demon.

11. Chemistry
By Stan Berkowitz
Bruce Wayne gets engaged, but his true love turns out to be part of a scheme by Poison Ivy.

10. Double Talk
By Robert Goodman
The Ventriloquist is released from Arkham completely sane, but begins to be plagued by visions of Scarface, returned from the bowels of his mind.

9. Cold Comfort
By Hilary Bader
Mr. Freeze returns as a head in a jar with spider legs. And a robot suit. It's awesome!

8. Never Fear
By Stan Berkowitz
Batman is exposed to a new strain of fear toxin that eliminates fear and makes him even more aggressive, leaving Robin to save the day.

7. Sins of the Father
By Rich Fogel
The introduction of the new Robin, Tim Drake, as he encounters Two-Face and becomes wrapped up in Batman's investigation.

6. Beware the Creeper
By Steve Gerber
Joker accidentally transforms a newscaster into an insane crimefighter known as the Creeper.

5. Legends of the Dark Knight
By Robert Goodman and Bruce Timm
A group of children tell different stories of Batman: one reminiscent of the 1960s TV show, another similar to The Dark Knight Returns. Then they see the real Batman battle Firefly.

4. Old Wounds
By Rich Fogel
A flashback episode exploring the reasons behind Dick Grayson's departure as Robin and his ascension into Nightwing.

3. Over the Edge
By Paul Dini
In an alternate reality, Batgirl is murdered and Commissioner Gordon goes on a rampage to bring Batman and his partners to justice.

2. Growing Pains
By Paul Dini and Robert Goodman
Robin tries to help a little girl who is being pursued by her father; she turns out to be a sentient scout formed by Clayface, and he plans to reabsorb her. This is the most emotional half-hour in the DCAU.

1. Mad Love
By Paul Dini and Bruce Timm
The origin of Harley Quinn is explored as she decides to once and for all kill the Batman to earn the Joker's love.

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