Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The DCAU Ranked - Part 4: "Batman Beyond"

50. Rats
By Rich Fogel
Dana is stalked by a crazy kid who looks like a rat.

49. Golem
By Hilary Bader
Kid uses robot to get revenge on bullies.

48. Terry's Friend Dated a Robot
By John McCann and Paul Dini
The title says everything that needs to be said.

47. The Last Resort
By Stan Berkowitz
Troubled kids get sent to a ranch... it's like fat camp for morons.

46. Speak No Evil
By Stan Berkowitz
Batman teams up with a gorilla. Stupider than it sounds.

45. Bloodsport
By Rich Fogel
Batman is hunted by the Stalker.

44. Earth Mover
By Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett
Batman fights soil creatures...hurrah?

43. Where's Terry?
By Rich Fogel
Max-centric episode. Or: Crock of shit.

42. Curse of Kobra (2-Part)
By Rich Fogel and Stan Berkowitz
Batman fights the evil organization known as KOBRA.

41. Sentries of the Last Cosmos
By Rich Fogel and John Shirley
Video games are evil? You got that?

40. Armory
By John McCann
A weapons designer becomes a supervillain.

39. Hidden Agenda
By Hilary Bader and Shaun McLaughlin
The Jokerz target Max. Unfortunately they don't kill her.

38. Splicers
By Evan Dorkin and Sara Dyer
People splice their DNA with animals.

37. Big Time
By Robert Goodman and Tom Ruegger
Terry's old crook friend returns.

36. Hooked Up
By Robert Goodman
Batman faces Spellbinder when several kids are put in comas.

35. Sneak Peek
By Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett
A gossip reporter goes invisible.

34. Lost Soul
By Stan Berkowitz
The Bat-Suit takes on a life of it's own.

33. Untouchable
By Hilary Bader
Batman fights the Repeller.

32. Heroes
By Rich Fogel
The Terrific Trio appear and aren't as crap as the Terrible Trio.

31. Once Burned
By Stan Berkowitz
Batman has an affair.

30. April Moon
By Stan Berkowitz and James Tucker
A scientist upgrades street punks.

29. Betrayal
By Stan Berkowitz and Robert Goodman
Big Time comes back.

28. Payback
By Robert Goodman
A new vigilante, Payback, goes after bullies.

27. Inqueling
By Hilary Bader
Inque starts to dissolve and tries to find her daughter.

26. Plague
By Rich Fogel
Introducing: False-Face.

25. Revenant
By Hilary Bader
Students think a dead student is haunting the school.

24. A Touch of Curare
By Hilary Bader
Curare, a deadly assassin, goes after Barbara Gordon's husband.

23. Babel
By Stan Berkowitz
Shriek takes away Gotham's ability to communicate.

22. Black Out
By Robert Goodman
Inque pops up for the first time.

21. King's Ransom
By Rich Fogel
The Royal Flush Gang return.

20. Unmasked
By Hilary Bader
In the final episode, Batman recounts an adventure involving KOBRA.

19. Joyride
By Stan Berkowitz
The Jokerz steal a military vehicle.

18. Final Cut
By Hilary Bader and Alan Burnett
Curare returns to hunt down her former employers.

17. Spellbound
By Robert Goodman
Spellbinder appears.

16. Ascension
By Robert Goodman
Derek Powers becomes Blight permanently and battles Batman for the last time.

15. Countdown
By Paul Dini and Rich Fogel
Zeta and Mad Stan in the same episode - awesomeness ensues.

14. Ace in the Hole
By Hilary Bader
The origin of Ace the Bat-Hound is explored.

13. Zeta
By Robert Goodman
A government robot goes sentient and initiates a DCAU pilot episode.

12. Mind Games
By Alan Burnett
Batman searches for a young girl and encounters the Brain Trust.

11. Disappearing Inque
By Stan Berkowitz
Inque seeks revenge on Batman and Bruce.

10. Dead Man's Hand
By Stan Berkowitz
The Royal Flush Gang arrive just as Terry starts having romantic issues with Dana.

9. Shriek
By Stan Berkowitz
Shriek is hired to remove Bruce Wayne from Wayne-Powers.

8. Out of the Past
By Robert Goodman and Tom Ruegger
Talia al Ghul returns...with her dad inside her...creepy!

7. The Call (2-Part)
By Hilary Bader, Rich Fogel, Stan Berkowitz, Alan Burnett and Paul Dini
Terry teams up with the Justice League and Superman is evil for the most part.

6. Eyewitness
By Hilary Bader and Rich Fogel
Batman is pursued for murder by Barbara Gordon.

5. Rebirth (2-Part)
By Alan Burnett, Paul Dini and Stan Berkowitz
The origin of Batman Beyond.

4. The Winning Edge
By Rich Fogel
The fate of Bane is revealed.

3. Meltdown
By Hilary Bader and Alan Burnett
Blight uses Mr. Freeze to try and find a cure to his illness.

2. The Eggbaby
By Hilary Bader and Alan Burnett
Batman must look after an egg for a parenting class.

1. Return of the Joker (Movie)
By Paul Dini, Glen Murakami and Bruce Timm
The Joker returns; Tim Drake appears; the last days of Batman and Robin are revealed. Epic is an understatement.

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