Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The DCAU Ranked - Part 2: "Superman The Animated Series"

45. Livewire
By Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer
Squeaky voiced electric villain pushes the boundaries of tolerance.

44. Unity
By Paul Dini and Rich Fogel
Supergirl battles a cult in Smallville...country folk, eh?

43. Heavy Metal
By Hilary Bader
John Henry Irons becomes Steel, and the audience wishes he hadn't.

42. The Prometheon
By Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett
Giant asteroid man arrives on Earth. Cue: pointless episode.

41. Solar Power
By Robert Goodman
Weird stalker tries to change the colour of the sun, as opposed to stalking. Advice: New career move.

40. Superman's Pal
By Robert Goodman
Jimmy Olsen-centric episode that insults the brilliant Jack Kirby series of the same name.

39. Obsession
By Andrew Donkin and Ron Fogelman
The first signs that Toyman is a paedophile.

38. Prototype
By Hilary Bader
John Henry Irons builds the Steel suit, but doesn't become Steel yet. Ooooh, set up!

37. Monkey Fun
By Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer
Monkeys! In! Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

36. Double Dose
By Hilary Bader
Irritating electric woman and losing-his-edge power absorber team-up.

35. Speed Demons
By Rich Fogel
Superman and Flash team-up to fight...the Weather Wizard? Really?

34. Where There's Smoke
By Hilary Bader
Volcana turns up and the world screams: "WHY?"

33. Warrior Queen
By Hilary Bader
Sex-mad Alien Queen arrives on Earth with the hots for Superman. Settles for Lobo.

32. Action Figures
By Hilary Bader
Metallo hangs out with idiotic children...Superman arrives...Hilary Bader continues to write episodes.

31. Absolute Power
By Hilary Bader and Alan Burnett
Two irritating Kryptonian villains return... but they're not Zod and Ursa...

30. Two's a Crowd
By Stan Berkowitz
Parasite has his mind invaded by someone just as evil.

29. My Girl
By Hilary Bader
Lana Lang turns up just to add supporting characters.

28. Tools of the Trade
By Mark Evanier
Intergang come to the forefront and we see an awesome villain.

27. The Hand of Fate
By Hilary Bader and Stan Berkowitz
Dr. Fate appears. Fanboys go: Woop! Regular viewings go: Who?

26. New Kids in Town
By Stan Berkowitz and Rich Fogel
The Legion of Super Heroes pop up in a fun flashback episode.

25. A Fish Story
By Hilary Bader and Rich Fogel
Aquaman wages war on Lex Luthor. Kinda like that Smallville episode, then?

24. Bizarro's World
By Robert Goodman
Bizarro tries to make Krypton on Earth, because that's what people do!

23. In Brightest Day...
By Hilary Bader
Superman and Kyle Rayner take on Sinestro...Hilary Bader doesn't half write a lot of episodes!

22. Little Big Head Man
By Paul Dini and Robert Goodman
Mister Mxyzptlk and Bizarro join forces in a funny episode.

21. Identity Crisis
By Robert Goodman and Joe R. Lansdale
Bizarro is introduced.

20. Blasts from the Past (2-Part)
By Robert Goodman
A pair of Zod and Ursa knock-offs arrive on Earth.

19. Fun and Games
By Robert N. Skir and Marty Isenberg
Toyman turns up...and isn't a pervert at first!

18. Feeding Time
By Robert Goodman
Parasite turns up...and is pretty awesome at first!

17. Father's Day
By Mark Evanier and Steve Gerber
Kalibak fights Superman on Father's Day to impress...his father!

16. The Demon Reborn
By Rich Fogel
The final appearance of Ra's al Ghul in current-day DCAU continuity.

15. Knight Time
By Robert Goodman
Superman pretends to be Batman.

14. Target
By Hilary Bader
Lois gets herself a stalker.

13. A Little Piece of Home
By Hilary Bader
Superman meets his newest foe - A ROCK!

12. The Last Son of Krypton (3-Part)
By Alan Burnett and Paul Dini
The origin of Superman. With a shitty middle-part.

11. The Way of All Flesh
By Stan Berkowitz
Metallo pops up for the first time.

10. Ghost in the Machine
By Rich Fogel
Superman teams up with Mercy when Brainiac invades LexCorp.

9. Brave New Metropolis
By Stan Berkowitz and Alan Burnett
Lois ends up in an alternate world where Luthor and Superman have taken over the world.

8. Little Girl Lost (2-Part)
By Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer and Rich Fogel
Supergirl arrives. And Granny Goodness pops up, too.

7. Stolen Memories
By Rich Fogel
Brainiac arrives.

6. Mxyzpixilated
By Paul Dini
Mr. Mxyzptlk turns up to ruin Superman's life.

5. Legacy (2-Part)
By Paul Dini and Rich Fogel
The epic finale as Superman is brainwashed by Darkseid, loses the trust of humanity and then has a final showdown by the evil God.

4. The Main Man (2-Part)
By Paul Dini
Superman battles Lobo, and the pair team-up to take on the monstrous Preserver.

3. The Late Mr. Kent
By Stan Berkowitz
Superman must investigate Clark Kent's apparent murder.

2. Apokolips...Now! (2-Part)
By Rich Fogel and Bruce Timm
Darkseid invades Earth and battles Superman. On defeat, he murders Dan Turpin. Bastard!

1. World's Finest (3-Part)
By Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Rich Fogel, Steve Gerber and Steve Berkowitz
The Joker and Lex Luthor team-up leading to a Superman-Batman team-up to stop them.

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