Thursday, 10 February 2011

The 200 Best Comics of My Lifetime (The Last 20 Years): 150-141

150. Superman: The Man of Steel #20
DC - February 1993
Writer - Louise Simonson
Artist - Jon Bogdanove
The classic issue featuring Superman's funeral as the citizens of Metropolis look on alongside the members of the Justice League; it's powerful, heartbreaking and made all the more poignant by a scene with Ma and Pa Kent burying Clark's childhood toys.

149. Batman: Year 100 #1
DC - February 2006
Writer - Paul Pope
Artist - Paul Pope
A futuristic take on the Batman legend set 100 years in the future; it's a great look at reinventing the legend, and Paul Pope's artwork is astounding throughout, and it's in a prestige format which is always great to behold.

148. Green Lantern #51
DC - May 1994
Writer - Ron Marz
Artist - Darryl Banks
The first issue of the series to feature Kyle Rayner as the new Green Lantern was the moment the Green Lantern series escaped the monotony of the dark days of Hal Jordan's descent into madness; a fun first issue and a staple of Green Lantern books for the next decade.

147. Justice Society of America #1
DC - February 2007
Writer - Geoff Johns
Artist - Dale Eaglesham
The start of Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham's darker take on the Justice Society of America; the characters feel modernised and brutalised and the scheme of the villains is horrific and frightening to witness, as it unfolds throughout the issue.

146. X-Force #116
Marvel - July 2001
Writer - Peter Milligan
Artist - Mike Allred
The issue that turned the X-Force in the direction of becoming X-Statix; it's a weird and wonderful addition to the series focusing more on mad-cap humour than on the struggles of the X-Universe, as a whole, but it's great fun.

145. The Punisher #1
Marvel Knights - April 2000
Writer - Garth Ennis
Artist - Steve Dillon
The start of the legendary "Welcome Back Frank" storyline that solidified the Punisher as a behemoth within the Marvel Universe; the action was brutal, the humour was necessary and the story was enough to keep readers coming back for the next year's worth of issues.

144. Inhumans #1
Marvel Knights - November 1998
Writer - Paul Jenkins
Artist - Jae Lee
The first chapter of the best interpretation of the Inhumans, showcasing some of Paul Jenkins' best writing, and Jae Lee's best artwork; this series makes you care about the characters and also incorporates a thrilling story into the mix, too.

143. 300 #1
Dark Horse - May 1998
Writer - Frank Miller
Artist - Frank Miller
The epic tale of 300 Spartans battling against the Persian forces was given the necessary Frank Miller twist of being brutally violent and hyper-realistic; the action is perfectly presented in double-page spreads, and the series, as a whole, is a masterpiece.

142. Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1
Marvel - July 2009
Writer - Joss Whedon
Artist - John Cassaday
For the finale of their epic run on Astonishing X-Men, Whedon and Cassaday produced a giant-size finale that featured unstoppable action and some of the best character moments of their run; the final pages are painful, and the inclusion of the Marvel Universe outside the X-Men is perfect.

141. The Ultimates #5
Marvel - July 2002
Writer - Mark Millar
Artist - Bryan Hitch
The first major action issue of the Ultimates featured a brutal showdown between the team and the Hulk through New York City; this is the first time the Hulk had been portrayed as a bloodthirsty psychopath, and actually managed to murder countless people in a truly frightening show of monstrosity.

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