Thursday, 9 June 2011

The DC Comics Announcements: Part 6

DC Comics are slowly announcing their 52 new series which will kick off in September. Everything is going back to Issue 1, and while I am partially offended by that, let's see what the books/creative teams are shaping up like so far, and whether or not this is shaping up to be a good move from DC.

Stormwatch #1
Written by Paul Cornell
Art & Cover by Miguel Sepulveda
Another example of the Wildstorm universe shifting into the regular DC continuity comes in the form of Stormwatch, which will feature Apollo and Midnighter, from The Authority, joining forces with the Martian Manhunter. Paul Cornell is handling writing duties, which means this could be a lot of fun; but Miguel Sepulveda's artwork leaves much to be desired.
Potential for Success: 7/10

Blackhawks #1
Written by Mike Costa
Art & Cover by Ken Lashley
The Blackhawk characters have always been intriguing to me, but whenever I've read a storyline featuring any variation of them I've always found it bland and unexciting. This series turns them into mercenaries, trying to kill the bad guys before they themselves are killed. It sounds like it could be the moment the characters find their feet in the DC Universe. Mike Costa is writing, which is excellent news; the art, meanwhile, could be better.
Potential for Success: 7/10

Sgt. Rock and the Men of War #1
Written by Ivan Brandon
Art & Cover by Tom Derenick
Sgt. Rock is one of my favourite characters in comic books, and this series makes me both extremely excited and extremely worried. They're updating the character (by having his grandson take centre stage) and bringing it into modern warfare. Ivan Brandon has proven himself to be a capable writer, while Tom Derenick's artwork is easy on the eye; but I'm just not sure whether or not this will work at all.
Potential for Success: 7/10

All-Star Western #1
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art & Cover by Moritat
Oh, this is exactly the announcement I needed. Jonah Hex has been a floundering book (sales wise) for quite a while, so it's a relief to see he'll be coming back as the star of a new Western book with the reboot. The issues will feature back-up stories starring other Western characters, but it's the main tale, featuring Jonah Hex in Gotham City that pulls the character back into the DC Universe and adds a layer of awesomeness to the proceedings. Palmiotti and Gray remain on writing duties, and the art will be by the sensational Moritat.
Potential for Success: 10/10

Deathstroke #1
Written by Kyle Higgins
Art by Joe Bennett & Art Thibert
Cover by Simon Bisley
So, Deathstroke the Terminator is getting his own series. This, at the very least, means that the godawful "Titans" book he's currently in will not be returning. Kyle Higgins is a name that intrigues me; he's writing a book about Dick Grayson, and a book about his arch-nemesis, so that has a lot of potential in itself. Joe Bennett on art, too, makes me a bit excited for this book. Hopefully this one is a joy to read.
Potential for Success: 8/10

Grifter #1
Written by Nathan Edmonson
Art & Cover by CAFU
You take two of the most exciting talents in comics right now; Nathan Edmonson, writer of the extraordinary series "Who is Jake Ellis" and CAFU, the wonderful artist on "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" and you put them on a book that is essentially a Wildstorm reject? What is wrong with you, DC Comics? Sure, that team will get me to check this book out, but I honestly don't care about this character in the slightest, and unless I am absolutely blown away by it, I'll be woefully disappointed.
Potential for Success: 7/10

Written by Dan DiDio & Keith Giffen
Art & Cover by Keith Giffen & Scott Koblish
If you put a Jack Kirby-esque cover on your book, I will want to read it. That's how simple things are. This series continuing the adventures of OMAC, presumably with ties to the Max Lord story that'll be featured in JLI, may very well be awesome. Keith Giffen is a top class creator and Scott Koblish infuses me with joy; the only flaw here is Dan DiDio, who has more recently proven to me that while he understands most of the DC characters from an editorial and business perspective, he is an awful, awful writer when it comes to plot and dialogue. But hopefully Giffen will tame him.
Potential for Success: 8/10

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